About Us


The Korean Touch is an online K-Beauty destination where you can find the very best Korean skincare, make-up, and other cosmetics. We pride ourselves in creating a safe space for anyone wishing to discover the joy of skincare.

Our Promise

We want to approach our customers with honest products and provide them with the gift of beautiful, youthful skin. We wish to become an ecommerce store for the discerning customer; a store that understands the lifestyles of our customers and provides products that work well with all skin types and in many environments. 

Our Aim

We aim to keep your skin healthy and beautiful with high-quality cosmetics from Korea. Our products are directly produced in Seoul and are carefully formulated to suit the skin types of customers from different countries. Furthermore, we only introduce products that are proven safe to use in Korea and will not cause any skin troubles or discomfort to the user. Our objective is to deliver customer satisfaction by providing the best products at reasonable prices. The best products may not always be the most expensive, and we will only stock products that we believe will be suitable for our market.